WJL understands that our administration of your employee benefit plan frees you up from paperwork related to the benefits so that you can focus on your core business. WJL provides all the services that you may need, from claims adjudication, eligibility, and employee communications to billing and reporting.

WJL’s professional staff is fully capable of administering even the more challenging programs such as COBRA, HIPAA and your compliance with the ACA regulations. We customize our service to your needs.

Our system provides highly productive and flexible configurations to ensure consistency and accuracy in the processing of your claims. The technical functions from enrollment, plan design, historical claims tracking, auditing, and premium allocation, to a variety of reporting demographics, is supported by our customer service department.

Plan Design & Consulting

The extensive skills and knowledge of our staff and management team sets us apart from our competitors. With over 50 years of assessing risk and self-funding experience, WJL has become well-versed in consulting groups in all areas of their medical benefits.

The functional approach to plan evaluation and management is applied for each client and is as follows:

  • Employee and dependent needs
  • Analyze current benefits
  • Determine gaps in coverage
  • Make recommendations for plan changes
  • Estimating costs associated with plan changes
  • Consider cost-saving or cost-containment techniques
  • Consideration of all State and Federal laws related to medical benefits including the new PPACA laws
  • Implementation of desired benefit plan changes
  • Communication of those benefit changes to employees

Employee Communications

Understanding benefits and insurance can be very difficult. Add to that continual changes in the health insurance industry. Providing employees with timely and accurate information is one of our top objectives.

  • Our web portal has been developed as a tool to provide employers and their employees with online access to eligibility, benefit plans and claims information at their convenience.
  • Our Customer Service and Claims staff are available to help clarify your benefits or eligibility questions.
  • We also consider the Identification Card (ID) to be a key communication tool and we custom design them for each client. The ID card has very important network, prescription drug and contact information for your provider.

Stop Loss Negotiations

WJL has partnerships with several preferred stop-loss carriers. By providing competitive rates and plan design considerations, WJL is able to supplement claim cost controls with the added protection of stop-loss coverage in the event that catastrophic care is needed for a member.

When developing customized solutions for our clients, WJL will leverage our relationships with our stop loss carriers to obtain the most competitive rates available.